About Sri Puvvada Nageshwara Rao

Mamata Educational Society was established in May 1992 by Sri Puvvada Nageswara Rao, who is a renowned politician ,a social worker and by dedication educationist and philanthropist of repute.

Sri Puvvada Nageswara Rao completed his primary education in the tribal village of  Kunavaram,  near Bhadrachalam in Khammam district, attained his  Bachelor's degree from Vijayawada and LL.B. from Osmania University. He started practicing as an advocate  in Taluk Court at Bhadrachalam to provide  justice and legal aid to the outreach rural and tribal population of the Region.

The journey  started from his village Kunavaram  which is  located deep in the  tribal area covered in  dense forest  of Khammam District reminded him of the  un-hygienic living condition,  unpaved roads and lack of basic amenities. But the unique persona of Sri Puvvada Nageshwara Rao is best illustrated in his relentless efforts for providing free  Medical Services  for the most neglected, unprivileged  tribal population of 5,58,958, which is about 13.29% of the total tribal population of the state, Andhra Pradesh

During his professional carrier, he came across number of problems faced by the tribal population in terms of their primary needs such as primary health, primary education, and drinking water and decided to relinquish his practice and joined the communist movement.

He lost his father in his early childhood due to the lack of health care facilities and he was witness of the suffering of tribal people due to poor healthcare facilities and their inability to go for urban centers  due to their poor socio-economic background in Khammam District. Hence, with the help of his likeminded colleagues, Sri Puvvada Nageshwara Rao decided to establish the Mamata General Hospital with prime object to provide primary, secondary and tertiary health care facilities to the poor and outreach people of Khammam and neighbouring districts at free of cost.

Today the vision with which he has been the initiation to establish  Mamata General  hospital has gone deep into the hearts of all sections of people   not only  from khammam district alone ,but from the  neighbouring districts Nalgonda,Krishna,Warangal and even the neighbouring states which  share the border with Khammam District.

Mamata General Hospital  has established itself as a centre of excellence providing comprehensive care free of cost to thousands of indigent patients.
Sri Puvvada Nageswara Rao has been the Member of Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh representing khammam from 1989 to 1999 and represented the Legislative Council from 1981 to 1985 and again from 2006 to 2011. Now he is continuing his social service activities and invaluable services to Mamata Educational Society.